11 July 2011 @ 07:01 am
Not a complete rant, I did like some things ;)

Okay then…was (and still am for that matter ;)) prepared to hate.

The opening credits… can you say lame? Thought you could…

Bill Pullman is creepy and I mean that in a good way.

Yeah hi Gwen and Baby…Hello Rhys :D *squishes Rhys bear* And a glimpse of Andy too! :D

Is the mother of well…her played by the same woman as before? *scratches head*

Wait…you think I don’t like Gwen???? You’re right!

Rex is so typical American…kinda like him though. Means he’s so dead.

The Baby on Gwen’s arm while she’s shooting… yeah… *big fat eyeroll*

Not enough Jack yet.

Sounds like I didn’t like it very much, huh? That’s really not the case actually, I felt quite entertained actually. It was okay…BUT it’s not Torchwood.

Torchwood for me is that little dysfunctional team…in the Hub, running through Wales. While it was nice to see some Cardiff…not nearly enough for me.

Damn…didn’t want to be all negative here. Ahem. Okay.

So, good show (so far, but you never know with You Know Who… damn *slaps self* Shhh. Positive stuff…), curious what will happen next and OMG Jaaack :S That trailer scared me more than it should…damn. Okay I still care very much about Jack. Didn’t expect that…damn you Barrowman lol

It’s cool for an American show and I wish I wouldn’t be waiting for the next shoe to drop, for something stupid to happen or…well Gwen opening her mouth….Can’t help it though. Thanks a lot RTD. Again.

Uh…how does one survive such a fall/jump into a puddle when he’s not immortal? Just wondering…should I try that one RTD?

Okay I give up, I did like that episode but apparently I’m not able to write one sentence without some anger still coming out.

Maybe listening to some Welsh Vowels later will help ;) Or make it worse. Anyway…looking forward to the radio plays…he can kill Ianto only once after all, so he should be safe for them heh ;)