03 November 2009 @ 08:03 pm
Me again...heh. Yeah sorry, but forgot to mention...and it kind of didn't fit into the other entry:

A certain Biography is on the way to meeeee. Just got the despatched message from thehut.com yay. Need a good old Barrowman fix, yep. Concert DVD will be out soon too :D So can't wait...the Scottish Medley alone *gg* Orrr...when he talked about his dogs...aww ♥

And yeah since we're talking about Torchwood actors...heh.

Payed for Fedcon tickets, hotel is booked and already paid for too... Wohoooo :D

Fedcon here we come!

Guess that's that for my Cardiff plans for next year, but... Maybe a little weekend trip to Warwick/Stratford will work out...somehow *hopes* The home sickness afterwards won't be much fun but wanna walk along the Avon again...and see how far they are with the Swan theatre and see Warwick castle and historic Warwick and... *breathes* Ahem yeah... was talking too much yesterday all evening already...feel sometimes like exploding in the last days and not sure there is interest in err...other topics these days ;)
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08 November 2008 @ 12:48 pm
2nd half of my report

November 05th 2008

So…I’ll make the Shakespeare houses stuff short…houses pretty…want one. Fell totally in love with Stratford…all the little ye olde houses… ;) We’re planning already to go back in 2010 when the renovation of the RST is finished. So want to go to see Warwick Castle and the other Shakespeare houses…and a play in the RST, Tennant or no Tennant.

Romeo and Juliet, The taming of the shrew or MacBeth would be perfect *nods a lot*

Uh yeah, bought Doctor Who Season 3 Box there and the new DWM…essential stuff really ;)

My feet love me again by now, but on that day they screamed at me…That’s why this time we took a taxi to the Courtyard Theatre. We ate in the Dirty Duck and I discovered that there is English food that tastes good ;) Well okay there seems to be a lack of salt going on I have to say… I mean I’m not big with salting stuff, I prefer more natural stuff but you can have it too natural really ;) Other than that it was yummy, even though I forgot already the name. Something with meat in a pie, vegetables and mashed potato’s. Anyway…moving swiftly on to…

Love’s Labour’s Lost )
07 November 2008 @ 06:42 pm
So...I leave out all the travelling details and stuff about us getting lost at night and me walking through wet grass in my high hells I mean heels, sinking in a lot...also the blisters on my feet and cramps and muscle aches... because in the end I have to say…totally worth it *g*

And I think I better leave out us being complete fangirls and going ‘Ye olde this and ye olde that’…yeah, better not mention that. ;)

And I’m not supposed to mention that Emma can’t tell left from right. When it comes to shoes… *ducks and runs*

Hamlet - November 04th 2008 )
07 November 2008 @ 01:30 pm
I bring pictures


Hope that works :)

Report...well maybe later, just wrote a whole big thing in German...