13 July 2011 @ 06:39 pm

They just had to...have him say it, didn't they? Fuck, fuck, fuck. This still hurts...ah hell...*sob*

And...so don't want to watch anymore now...they just take pleasure in twisting the knife some more.

I was so excited for those plays and now I'm only reminded what sick fucks are working for that show.

They might think it's what Ianto fans wanted and it might explain the Rift stuff, but...for me it's too little too late. Yes Ianto got to be the hero there and Jack said ILY, which...in my eyes is a little OOC, but it worked and I was a sobbing mess. Wahey.

I wish I could see this as a peace offering, which is what some people think. Good for them, but I just don't trust those people anymore :(

Story wise: Just enough Gwen to make me hope my initial feeling was wrong and I was very tense, very on the edge of my seat the whole time.

First bit of anger gone, but I'm still very, very sad and heartbroken. Losing Ianto again... :(((
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