06 June 2011 @ 02:55 pm
Okay on my agenda now: Rewatch every River Song episode starting from The Library episodes. Yep.

Okay so I wasn't into the Doctor so much this season but that last episode just changed that. Bloody Moffat :P Now we have to wait until September...great. Cheers :P

But thanks for giving me a reason to rewatch a lot of episodes now :D

Can I just say me not being so into it made me miss a whole lot of clues? *ahem* Well okay and I don't do spoilers, so I didn't know the name of Amy's child and other stuff, so River being Amy's daughter just came out of nowhere for me...Yes I am slightly annoyed by a lot of negative 'know it all people' at certain comms *grumble*

I was so tense the whole episode (loved the whole thing!) that when the big revelation came I cried. Also Baby Melody a Ganger...omg! Wha... Now we know it will be okay but...How?!?!?

And Rory being awesome! Oh Rory ♥

Cybermen! Judoon! No Daleks! Wooo *ahem*

Amy's speech. Dear god was I worried for a moment she was talking about the Doctor...

River in general ♥ ♥

The Doctor...angry, silly, being simply The Doctor and Matt being...I hate to say this but episodes like that shows me why I prefer Eleven to Ten :-/ Lot of that is some Welsh guy's fault too...but yeah Matt is just amazing.

Oh and now I'm really, really, REALLY worried about River's remark about killing the best man she ever knew...ack! *keeps Rory away from her and wraps him in cotton* :S