06 May 2011 @ 09:07 pm
Will: "Americans re-elected George Bush, it's not that we're geniuses?!"

"Teenagers. They put all their points in strength and charisma while ignoring wisdom. It's a seriously flawed system."

(On Fanfiction) “I think it’s absolutely a genuine creative effort. I think fan fiction is fantastic. Just once, though, I would like to be the guy who’s getting laid instead of the guy who’s being gang raped by Klingons. Just once.”

Dirk Benedict: "Some doctors say you should drink before you get thirsty. Oh great! So does this also mean you should have sex before you get horny?!?!"

At some point after/before a panel we were waiting for Garrett who came sliding through the Stargate after a minute or so… “Sorry forgot my microphone.”

RDA: how many of you speak english?
Almost everyone lifts their hands
RDA: how many of you don't?
Some people lift their hand
RDA: why are your raising your hand then?

What is the favourite thing you've put in your house."
RDA: *thinks*
Someone in the audience: "Stargate"
RDA: *eyeroll* *laughs* "Yes, sure... I've put a Stargate in my house."

Marina (as Troi) with her usual sentence: "I think he's hiding something, Sir."
Brent Spiner (as Data): "Oh will you shut up! We all know that you stupid cow!"

Marina on crashing the Enterprise “That planet came out of nowhere!”

(will be edited in case I remember more ;) I get those moments when suddenly I remember a moment quite clearly but most of the times when I've already written a part, so instead of editing all my report parts I'll just add stuff here :))
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