06 May 2011 @ 09:04 pm
Day 4  
Sunday Panels and Closing Ceremony

First…I forgot a few quotes and funny situations that I start to remember only now, so there will be a ‘FedCon XX Quotes and Funny Things’ posting later.

So…Sunday Emma and I went with our Fezzes and bowties. Both cool things heh.


First Panel of the day was Tony Amendola

We were pretty much just saving ‘our’ seats but I’m glad we saw the panels before the double panels as well.

Tony is a very open, very interesting guy and I think I fell a little bit in love with him.


Then came Dirk Bendedict and I had no clue what to expect.
He tends to ramble on a lot and without a question asked he started to tell us about his son, he met when the son was 28. He had a Highschool love who broke up with him, when she learned she was pregnant and decided to give the kid away.

So…the son then wanted to find his parents and he found her first and on the way back to the airport in the car he asked her “Do you know who my father is?” She said “Yes.” Then she told him his name and added. “But now he’s known as Dirk Benedict.” His reaction… “FUCK! Faceman is my father?!”

That was quite the story and even though I was wondering all the time why he’d share such a personal story there I was touched.

There were some questions and I had a feeling he was thinking that he shouldn’t waste our time or something, because he was like ‘Oh lets make the stage free for more interesting people…’ Hmm.



Same with Lance Henriksen really, but he was also pretty interesting.


Okay then one of the Highlights on that Sunday followed…

Marina & Wil

It was fun and very touching in parts and thanks Marina for making me cry…again.

One of the questions was ‘Did you ever google yourself?’
Marina: No, I’ve never googled myself. Sounds painful!

Following by Wil mentioning his Amazon author page and Marina going “You have an author page at Amazon? I can’t even handle my homepage and you have an author page? Wow..”

They also talked about now things being easier with the talking to each other, because back then Wil had been a kid and now they are equals. Marina also said that she is very proud of Wil because of what he made of himself and that in such a young age he took on such a responsibility (being a stepdad). Wil was quite touched by this I think.

Wil talked about that he and his wife only now have time for each other because from the beginning there have been the kids.

Marina talked about the Roddenberry’s and started to cry, because she really misses them and they took her under their wing back then when they were filming TNG.

They both talked a bit about Gene as well and… ♥ Yeah…it was just hay fever…yeah!

At one point a couple of guys wanted to leave…apparently they’d never been on a Marina Sirtis panel…

“Oi! Where are you going? Get your asses back here!” lol

Apparently they said they were hungry and Marina was like “Well so are we, do you see us leaving in the middle of our talk?” Wil was very amused by this. A girl then got up to give them cookies and Marina and Wil threw them to the guys (who had sat back at that point lol).

Then the topic of football came up…

Marina: "What's you favourite football club?"
"Bayern München"
Everyone: „Boooo!“
Marina Siris: *thinking* "Does this mean Bayern Munich?"
Marina: "Boooo!" lol

Costume and Make up: "Wearing a hair piece as part of your costume is wonderful - at 5 a.m., they can dress your hair while you are still lying in bed asleep!"

That’s all I remember but hey…not too bad I think hehe.





Panel Garrett Wang & Robert Duncan McNeill

Okay first of…LOL!

"You are the boss at 'Chuck', but here at Fedcon I AM THE BOSS!!!" (Garrett to Robbie)



Garret Wang: I have a 6 inch action figure
Robbie Duncan "Donuts" McNeal: you only have 6 inch? I have 10 inch action...

Then they kinda started to play Stargate. Tom Paris getting sucked into it and Harry Kim trying to rescue him…well it ended with ‘Tom’ pulling ‘Harry’ into the gate lol




They sat down eventually and Garrett tried to teach Robbie some German.

" Fluchtwege "
" Gesundheit "

It was just all around funny as hell. Garrett did the ‘How everyone on the Voyager used the computer bit…’ which…I didn’t get but it was a prank for Robbie…I think.

Garrett doing Kate Mulgrew’s voice is so, so funny!

At one point Robbie got a bag of Dunkin Donuts from a fan and that kinda lead to some scenes they played as Harry and Tom in which the Donuts rescued them.

It was a bit chaotic all in all but great fun!

Closing Ceremony

Paul McGillion and also Scott Bakula weren’t there anymore but Dirk Benedict played the roll of Scott lol. Dunno they had a thing at the Opening already where both said they got confused for the other or something…how on earth…ah well people are strange *g*

RDA was late…of course. And then he wanted to say THAT sentence with all of us again.

"On the count of .....me starting" lol

Everyone had prepared a little bit in German and Garrett even did a whole speech which I thought was lovely :)

To the question whether we want him back…well DUH Garrett! We doooo!

Kate Vernon hadn’t prepared any German but said. “In the universal language of love…” And then started to move her arm and even Garrett was like “Are you okay, you looked like you had a fit…” It turned out she just tried to push off her hand bag to give hand kisses to us lol Wasn’t her most elegant move…

Kate Hewlett then grinned and said. “In the universal language of Kate Vernon…” and moved around like she had lol

Will: "Mein Luftkissenboot ist voller Aale!" (My hovercraft is full of eels. Check your Monty Python people ;)) hehehe.

Oh there had been prices for art and models and the guy who had built the Enterprise let it fly around…
Garrett: “Okay, now there will be some trailers...you may watch them or watch the Enterprise crashing in the first row." It kinda went on it’s own way and a lot of people tried to catch that thing lol



That was it…we went out, to the bar and I had a few beers, we talked to some people and then wanted to eat something in the hotel. Went to the Bistro which looked busy and when we tried to decide whether to go in or not Garrett walked by. “Hi” We said hi back, he went in there and we decided to not go in there. Probably thinking too much but I didn’t want to come off all stalker-ish.

So we went somewhere else to eat and were talking when someone came in and…yeah it was Dirk Benedict. Apparently he wanted to find a place to smoke his cigar in but…well. Bad luck there.

Yeah that was pretty much it…heard a lot of ‘Fezzes are cool’ that day hehe.

Until next year Fedcon!
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Awww :D ♥ and God damn we are cool and wore those fezzes well. (despite the stupid bit of annoying hair ahem)

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