03 May 2011 @ 04:32 pm
Day Two  
Friday part I

First thing was to check out the RDA photo line and then decided...um no thanks. Although at his side I’d have looked quite slim for once…ah well ;)

So we went to see Kate Vernon’s panel. I have liked her in BSG. Apparently she had asked Garrett to stay on stage or something (because she is a Fedcon Virgin) which I thought was very sweet.



Then the panel of Robert Duncan McNeill…

Or Robbie Dunkin Donuts McNeill hehe.

Oh my lord…Garrett kept sending him notes on the teleprompter and if he didn’t do that, he showed up when Robbie talked about something or other VOY related lol. Was giggling quite a lot and already looking forward to their panel together. AND I want to see Chuck now.



Then the whole Autograph stuff started. Went in line with the other ‘Goldies’ and waited for 45 minutes or something…Anyway…Marina Sirtis first. Said ‘hi’ and that I’m really looking forward to her panel (She was like ‘Oh I won’t have anything to tell you since I’ve been here a thousand times already’ at the opening…) and got a cute smile.

Kate Hewlett and Paul McGillion had a little place together, unless how it was mapped out in the program, I guess Kate was a little nervous. Have not seen her solo panel but someone said she was really nervous. Anyway…Kate had written a name wrong and the line stopped as we were standing in front of Paul’s bit of the table. He told us he’d seen the Royal Wedding in his room and he joked with the girl that wrote down the names for him. He was even asking us if we thought certain letters looked like they were supposed to. lol That was kinda cute. I’m glad none of the two commented on my Stargate photo that said ‘SG-1’ well…more on that in a minute.
Kate is really cute and sweet :)

Then we went to Tony Amendola and he asked whether I want my name on it. I told him Paul had already done that and then I started to ramble a bit about the SG-1 bit and that I hadn’t seen it. Mouth running off while I was thinking ‘Oh shut up, Andrea!’ lol. Anyway Tony said that was okay since SG-1 was the parent series and…yeah he’s right.


BTW: Now I wish I’d have gotten an autograph of Sean Maher. *slaps forehead*

Anyway. I didn’t and went on to Garrett Wang, ignoring…or trying to ignore the annoying voice of one Daniel Logan. Argh!

Yeah so Garrett. Told him thanks for being an amazing MC and he beamed at me in a very cute way. D’awww. ♥ Anyway…then he asked for my name and since I can’t spell in English under pressure I just showed him my ticket and he was like. “Oh! Becker, like Boris right? Are you his sister?” I gave him a look and said. “No…but yeah thanks for that.” He realized I must be asked that a lot and made some jokes and I (tongue firmly in cheek) asked him. “Why, do you think I look like him?” and he was like “Oh god no! That’s an ugly guy…” Then I said. “His daughter is pretty unlucky, she looks completely like him!” What shocked Garrett and he couldn’t really imagine lol He was like “Oh god to look like that is bad enough for a guy but…oh god that poor girl! Is that true?” He asked the woman at his side and she confirmed this. While he was shuddering and making some more comments he signed the VOY crew photo…all over Jeri Ryan. Now I guess she’s got to sign above Garrett if she ever comes to Fedcon ;)


Then went to Robbie who was willing to chat but my brain was still with Garrett at that point…or already with Wil, not sure. He’s very nice though. Sorry for being somewhere else with my mind… oops.

Yeah last but not least. Wil Wheaton. Got out my journal of impossible things, bought in Cardiff and was like. “Since you’re also a big Ten Fan…” before I could say anything else he started to flick through it and yeah…he had the same reaction as I did when I looked through it for the first time. “Awesome!” was only one of the words used. Heh. During that moment I managed to finally ask him where he got his shirt and it’s from thinkgeek.com. Only…they don’t have the Tardis/Doctor/Beatles shirt anymore apparently. *pout*



Went upstairs to get our Scott Bakula autograph and…decided not to, since that queue was ridiculous.

The Friday should continue with Photos, hugs and panels… tbc ;) BTW I hate that I’m already starting to forget stuff. On the other hand I get some flashes of remembering funny moments hehe.
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[identity profile] wastexyourxtime.livejournal.com on May 3rd, 2011 02:42 pm (UTC)

Garrett made a big point about how most German men/people are good looking too heh. Ahhh. <3

And gah the book is still the MOST AMAZING, COOL, THING EVER. Fact4life.

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