03 May 2011 @ 12:30 pm
Day One  
Okay so Wednesday we arrived. Travel…travel…blah blah ;)

Checked into the hotel and then got our Fedcon wristbands and stuff, went to Düsseldorf.
Yeah well lets just say I like Cologne a lot more…
Typical for us we ended up in an O’Reiley’s pub hehe.

Thursday the Fedcon started and I went as the 10th Doctor.

At 16:00 everyone met to get their Richard Dean Anderson autograph. First time in a queue this weekend wooo ;)

Yeah well I like RDA but it wasn’t really exciting to me *shrug*

We watched a fan film…yeah. Don’t really need those but hey.

Opening Ceremony and first taste of the new MoC Garrett Wang. OMG amazing sweet, funny, nice guy ♥

He counted of the countries with the help of flags but the order of countries wasn’t the same as the order of flags they showed…*g* We all helped Garrett through this though. "Denmark! Not Denmark? What is it...help...ahhh, Norway!"

Then there was supposed to be a presentation for Dirk (founder of Fedcon) for 20 years of that Con. Well…it didn’t start and Garrett was like. we are waiting...and waiting...and waiting...AUSTRIA!! lol

It worked finally and after this (and some sponsor trailer watching…yawn) the Stars came out.


Robbie ‘Dunkin Donut’ McNeill wasn’t there yet but Garret let him say hello once he’d arrived.




Some Quotes/other funny notes from the Opening.

RDA: Ich bin sehr geil. (Not sure he meant horny or that he’s just that amazing ;) Well at that point...after a couple of days I became surer and surer he meant horny)

Garrett: Fluchtwege und Umlaut… He’s trying to learn German now and some words (also Drehtür) he liked more than others ;)

Wil Wheaton: "I wasn't going to try to learn German, as it would take valuable time away from playing Portal 2.” He was obviously kidding and added that we all would just communicate in the universal language of geeks.

After the opening we went to get our picture taken with Wil. I was quite surprised at how many others wanted to do the same. Might be because he was a Fedcon virgin.

Went up and…dear me he’s cute! He grinned at me. “Nice Tardis!” I said thanks but was otherwise a little tounge tied. Forgot to ask (at that point anyway) where he got his shirt…


Had to take pictures of the photos, because there wasn’t a digital copy on an USB stick this time. So…they look better actually. Well I don’t but the photos do ;)

After that it was time for his panel and as expected I loved it. He was a little shy at first but when he’s on a roll he’s quite funny and…a bit of a rambler hehe.

I always say ‘Oh next time I’ll have to take notes’ and every time I forget…but yeah some questions about TNG (Almost always starting with one form of ‘Oh I hated Wesley but you are nice…’), also Criminal Minds (in which he freaked me out completely!), Big Bang Theory (love it, got to find the Wil eps now heh) and well of course gaming. Man can he go on about that lol

Okay some pics…





Coming up…

Autograph Session. (A talk about Boris Becker, because a certain MC asked I was his sister, an amazed Wil, a little chat with Paul McGillion because Kate Hewlett can’t write and also stepping on his foot and an unexpected hug. ;)
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[identity profile] wastexyourxtime.livejournal.com on May 3rd, 2011 11:03 am (UTC)
Ahhh. There are a few details there I might have missed maybe! :D Thinking we should pretty much cover everything between the two of us! :D

And the photo's are looking goood :D

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