11 March 2011 @ 05:16 pm
Random stuff ahead…

I wish it was Fedcon already (still can’t believe Emma knows Quantum Leap! ;)) and I wish my money troubles would go away, so I could just buy a couple of tickets for Much Ado…. Fedcon sure won’t help with the money stuff *ahem* but with the missing the Emma and having a bit of home it will! 5 days for the dream team :D

Oh and the program looks like there won’t be much time to eat in between lol (Speaking of...5 kg gone, 15 to go)

I want Doctor Who to start NOW and….I even miss Merlin (yeah wasn’t a big fan of the last series…). *Sigh*

You know it’s bad when your love for all things British makes you want to buy all seasons of Top Gear. Well it’s brilliant heh.

My back annoys me and I shouldn’t even sit here but be a good girl and lay down again. Well for an hour at least…I need my daily Criminal Minds fix. ;)

What is it with me and geeky, slightly crazy, tall, skinny guys btw? Ahhh Dr. S. Reid ♥

Done, wake up now ;)
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