04 May 2010 @ 02:24 pm

For some reason…what was it again? I know one was the parking problem…and…ah right check who had photo shoots and when. Anyway, we were back at the hotel at 10 in the morning and…great Gareth had his photo shoot at 8 in the evening. *grump* Any idea when two women have to get up to be ready to be somewhere at 10? I mean there was make up and styling involved! And a 20 minute drive!

Anway, we decided to check out Gordon Michael Woolvet’s (Andromeda) panel. He came in, in a German football shirt, which got him some cheers ;) As much as I did not like Andromeda, I liked his character and now I also like the actor. He was fun and very nice. :)

Martha Hackett (TNG)…not so much. She might be nice, but we were bored to tears after 5 minutes already, so we left. Sorry.

Autograph session…well we got told that we might have to wait until tomorrow and good thing I asked about the James autograph session and we got told that he’s doing his own table without numbers. GAH! So up there and into the line…. Uaaah. I hoped my brain wouldn’t melt after he shook my hand and looked into my eyes and it did not this time! Ha. Maybe a big reason for that is that I feel more comfortable speaking English now… *shrug* Anyway I had given Steven a picture and the Tardis to sign and when James took it, after grinning at me for accidentally switching the sonic on (gah lol) I said “That’s because I hope John Hart will appear at that show at some point.” And he was like “Oh man they’d have to tone him down a lot for the kids.” I made an agreeing sound and was starting to feel my brain melt when I remembered what else I wanted to tell him. “Oh and I really like Barnabas in Caprica.” I was about to say I love that show when he was like. “Oh yeah that’s a great show!” And I’m like “Yeah…” and then he shook my hand again and I shuffled off, feeling a bit like an idiot (again) but not as much as I did the times before *g*


After that I needed to sit down so bad…I was shaking all over. lol Silly, right? I don’t know what it is about that man…

We went back to listen to Robert Vogel for a bit. He’s got some nice stories from the Stargate set and he’s so smitten with Amanda Tapping, it’s kinda cute :)

Some other guy was talking about the sets of Battlestar Galactica and then Gareeeeeth :D

Of course he had to go to the Tardis (I’ve read now that the Tardis was made by two guys for that Con. Very good job!) too to get pictures taken and he tried to open her as well *g* Then he opened the panel and was like ‘It’s nothing like on TV…but there is some chocolate in there.’ Oh and he got asked whether he was disappointed that he hadn’t been on the Tardis when he was in Doctor Who and he said he was disappointed that he didn’t have a scene with David Tennant but the Tardis and the Hub set are side by side, so it was very exciting in the beginning (He jumped and waved around ‘Uhhh Tardis!’) then after a week it’s still a little exciting (just excited voice ‘Tardis!’) and after seven month not so much anymore (grumpy voice, and a wave like ‘oh leave me alone’ “Tardis…”) Was pretty funny hehe.

He seems a bit shy and really cute, even when he says Scheiße which just sounded cute out of his mouth. He’s so nice and funny, but I’ve realized this weekend he kind of needs someone he can play off of. A lot of people were like ‘Now you can finally say something without the Barrowman always starting to talk for everyone’ and stuff but…I think he likes to just be the Dry Guy who throws in sarcastic/dry comments in. He enjoys both I think :) Some pretty eye roll worthy questions again but some were good and yet another hour flew by.

After that we had to run straight up again to go to the photo shoot with James Marsters. What a day really lol. Um yeah we both were like ‘Hi again’ and then a flash and I felt a bit zombie like, after putting my arm around him thinking. “Slightly sweaty back of James…OMG” lol and wanted to just leave and almost left my ticket there…oops. I had once again no clue what I’d done, how I had looked etc but seems like you get used to that kind of thing and just react…or something.

That done we came back to the Main Bridge to listen to Kandyse McClure (Battlestar Galactica) and she was fun to listen to as well…very cute :)

We missed the costume contest because we went to get in line for Gareth’s photo shoot and after sitting there for almost two hours (well we went early) they told us there wouldn’t be a photo shoot, because Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett still had a mile long line. I think they didn’t realize how popular these guys would be.

So then we went back to the Main Bridge and I was wondering what the heck was going on now, because it was supposed to be Joe’s panel. They had switched that and we came into the panel of Tahmoh Penikett (Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica) whom they apparently had to wake up so he could do the panel. Dunno, maybe he’s a rather quiet guy anyway but I thought you could tell he was half asleep ;) Was nice anyway just not as funny.

Then Joe Flanigan… I have no idea how they managed to film any scene at all at the Atlantis set, really. Just as funny as David Hewlett and hot too (sorry David *g*) despite the ‘crazy hair’. If there will be ever a movie about grown up Harry Potter, he has to play Harry lol (Watch…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGqsMruPjlM) Very, very funny and interesting again.

That really impressed me this time. Last time there was much more pause in between because people haven’t been that interesting (to me) but this time almost everyone was fun to listen to.

We left knowing that we’d have to get up veryyyy early again because no one knew at that point when Gareth would do his photo shoot and the Sunday autograph session for the numbers 1000 and up would start at 10:00 yeah…great ;)

Oh! I met Catnuns!


And Sunday I took some James signing autographs pics…

Tbc ;)
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