03 May 2010 @ 01:55 pm
Okay so...let’s start at the beginning :) (Oh and I might have forgotten stuff but I'm hoping [livejournal.com profile] wastexyourxtime might be able to help me out then. It was all a bit much to take in and...yeah).

We’ve arrived Thursday, spent some time in Cologne and then went to the Maritim to check in already. That service is brilliant, because I know from last time that you stand in line for the check in on Friday for ages. And you do that queueing game enough anyway during a con weekend ;)

Friday we went to Cologne first (idiot that I am was like ‘ah let’s get there in the afternoon nothing will go on before…) and found the perfect tie. Which took a while hehehe.

Ok then later some refreshing and I decided for normal clothes, since I wanted to go dressed up only Saturday.

Imagine our surprise and happiness to see a certain blue box on stage on the Main Bridge with all the other things :D The Torchwood sign was also there so…yay :D

First we went to the panel of Manu Intiraymi (Voyager) who was announced as Borg Boy…which he so loved ;) I’m not that familiar with his character Icheb, but I knew I’ve seen him at some point. He was quite funny and nice to listen to…he showed us some stuff he was up to lately and yeah…fun.

Then we had to suffer through some Star Trek movie…I think made by fans. I chose the moment to go to the toilet ;)

Well moment…it went on for quite a while. The movie I mean ;) After that the Opening Ceremony and wow…if you see all those people on one stage…Not bad. It was quite funny when Ed Wasser read a text he ‘just got’ from Joe Flanigan (Stargate SG1/Stargate Atlantis) *g* Joe was late and they made up something about being on the wrong train.

Since James had the last panel that evening we decided to stay and listen to Terry Farrell (Deep Space Nine) at least for a bit. We stayed. She’s sooo adorable and funny and just…awww cute. :)))

After her came David Hewlett (Stargate SG1/Stargate Atlantis) and dear lord that man made me cry with laughter. Brilliant and funny. And apparently a Doctor Who fan :) Would have liked to have him sign my TARDIS but…boy I’m broke now… Anyway he said his son is in his ‘I want to watch TV 24/7’ phase and told his Dad that he likes Doctor Who and David was like ‘Which one?’ hehe. He went to the Tardis, tried opening her and let people take pictures for a minute :)

Well and then James Marsters (Buffy, Andromeda, Angel, Smallville…do I need to go on? Really?. ;)) What can I say? People still ask embarrassing and annoying questions about fanfiction… A lot of the Buffy questions I’d heard before too, but ah well…just listening to James reading the phone book would be fine really. I hadn’t really thought that he still would have that effect on me, but damn that man’s voice especially when he kinda growls/purrs ‘Yes love?’ when he should say ‘Next question please’ or…something. Yeah that hour flew by as well…Duh ;)

In my James daze I walked the wrong way back to the car at first, but yay we didn’t get very fast because it was a dead end lol

So…that’s the first day pretty much done. Ah to explain the idiot part…well Gareth had a photo shoot early at Friday…without his hat (more on that later, when there is interest *g*). Good on the other hand because it was warm, I was in…well very comfy clothes and sweaty…and without any make up so…it was a good thing after all.

Soon to come (heh). Photos, Autographs, Gareth being very cute even when he swears in German… Any takers? ;)

Oh and...starting to get the Blues now...damn.
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[identity profile] wastexyourxtime.livejournal.com on May 4th, 2010 05:25 am (UTC)
I think we saw the last part of the woman before Manu too :) She sung a bit I think.

Moreee plz.

[identity profile] x-good-time-x.livejournal.com on May 4th, 2010 07:12 am (UTC)
Riiight Susie Plakson. She was nice, but didn't leave that much of an impression...*g*