16 July 2009 @ 10:31 am
Spoilery stuff about Torchwood Children of Earth / Rumours about a certain character appearing in DW  

See that icon? Watch me run away from Torchwood canon.

I always liked RTD but now...I get somehow what he means when he tries to explain his way out of Ianto's death in De-Classified, but that's not good drama that was just cruel and unnecessary. There would have been other options than to kill yet another Torchwood member (who isn't Super!Gwen)...

The good thing about that is, that I want to write them. I'll create my own canon now...I heard the weather in Egypt is supposed to be very nice this time of the year.

Gwen... I really liked her in those 5 episodes but then she becomes all...Gwen again. Why the fuck should Jack stay for her? I hate what they do with/to her sometimes... Anyway, whatever...If they want to make this into the 'Gwen being a Mam during the day and Super!Agent!Cooper-Williams!With!The!Biggest!Bloody!Heart!In!The!Whole!Wide!Universe by night' show...I don't care.

I'm done with that show.

I fear the worst now for Doctor Who. Either Jack is all Flirty-Jack or this will turn into a big fest of: Oh woe we lose everyone we love but we're fine. Getting a bit sick about that in Doctor Who already and I'm SO glad by now that uncle Rusty leaves it the fuck alone next year. I'm somewhat calm about the end because David Tennant seems very enthusiastic about it and I hope he's not some missleading shit like our dear JB and GDL. Yeah I know, that's not fair, they weren't allowed to say anything, but the 'Janto fans will be so happy' lies...I find it a bit hard to forgive.

Also...JB's attitude of 'I'll just show up and play and don't think much about the character' well...right now I want to strangle him a bit. I feel bad for the (male) actors involved but at the same time...I dunno I'm pretty burned, bitter and still angry...

Even more so than I was after the Angel finale...And that's saying something.

The light at the end of the tunnel: Steven Moffat. I love and respect him even more now, for creating brilliant drama without the kill, kill, kill. Or well...he at least manages to still give you hope, even when a character dies. So...at least I won't lose Doctor Who... I'm sure Eleven will be good and the storylines without anvils and big Transformers toys...they'll be scary and good.

I trust in Moffat! I think I need an icon lol
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[identity profile] wastexyourxtime.livejournal.com on July 16th, 2009 03:38 pm (UTC)
Can't wait for the Moffman days, even when it means it's the end of 10!
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